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Chimney Caps

Custom-made chimney caps for your chimney

Chimney caps are an important part of every chimney. Without one, you can run into some potential problems such as debris, deterioration of the chimney crown, or animal intrusion, such as squirrels or chimney swifts.

The importance of custom-made chimney caps

You can buy a chimney cap at your local big box hardware store, but they won’t be as efficient as one that is custom-made. This is because they only cover the brick chimney flue.


When you get one that is custom-made, it covers the entire chimney, which offers the most protection.

The main benefits of chimney caps:

  • Prevents animals from getting inside

  • Prevents rain from getting inside

  • Stops blasts of wind from flowing down the chimney

  • Serves as spark deflectors

  • Decorative

  • Prevents clogs from debris

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