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Rain Pans

Custom-made Rain Pans

for your chimney​

Rain pans are designed for chimneys which have a pre-fab fireplace.  They may be wood-sided, stucco, or brick veneer.  It encases the top of the chimney, sealing the chimney pipe with slants.


These slants are designed to prevent any water from going down into your chimney and entering your house.

The importance of replacing a rain pan


Most people do not really pay much attention to their rain pan only because they’re not really noticeable. Since rain pans are constantly in contact with water, they can easily rust.


Once a rain pan has begun to rust, you may experience leaking with your chimney, which can result in expensive damage.

Benefits of our custom-made rain pans

  • Prevents any water from entering chimneys

  • Designed for pre-fab fireplaces

  • Made to fit individual chimneys

  • Designed to save you money

  • Keeps your chimney in good shape

  • Made with high quality materials

If you see any rust on the sides of your rain pan or suspect that your chimney may be leaking, give us a call.  The problem will only get worse with time, and could lead to extensive repairs. 

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